What Are Scenarios


tScenarios are the powerful vehicles for challenging our mental models about the world.
tPeter Schwartz
tScenarios are a tool for helping us to take a long view in a world of great uncertainty.
tPeter Schwartz
tScenarios are stories about the way the world might turn out tomorrow, stories that can help us recognize and adapt to changing aspects of our present environment.
tPeter Schwartz.
tScenarios are attempts to describe in some detail a hypotethical sequence of events that could lead plausibly to the situation envisaged.
tHerman Kahn
tScenario is a tool for ordering one´s perceptions about alternative future environments in which one´s decisions might be playede out.
tPeter Schwartz
tScenario is a set of organized ways for us to dream effectively about our future.
tPeter Schwartz
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