Business Strategy And E-Business Strategy

Electronic business  (e-business)



         The conducting of business on the internet, not only buying and selling but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners

         E-business includes customers services and intra business tasks

.  One and the same e-commerce and e-business in today’s fast moving world of globalization



       E-business Strategy


         What’s is your generic strategy?

          How do you create value

         How do you retain value?

         How do you defend against the five forces?

         What are the internal & external factors and threats?


  Strategic Overview


         Five forces

         Generic strategies

         Value Chain

         PEST / SWOT Conceptual Models



Conceptual Models used for E-Business Strategic Planning

         Five Forces  / PEST analysis – seeks new opportunities and overcomes weaknesses

         Porters Generic Strategies – determine Business strategy

         SWOT Analysis

         Value chain –determine in organization cost savings or quality factors

         Critical Success Factors

         E-business Solutions

         E business / E commerce’s business models – determine on line strategy supports Generic strategy.


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